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Amethyst Gemstone Mandala

Hello Friends,

I have created a lovely Amethyst Gemstone Mandala video and you will be hard pressed to not feel soothed by the various purple hues in this one.

I have also included my infographic for you to save, download or pin with some interesting information on this beautiful stone.

That is not all in the mandala today, the gorgeous Ametrine and Crystal Quartz make an appearance and you can learn more about those at the end of my You Tube Video.


Amethyst - The High Vibration Stone

Amethyst is a widely available gemstone and it's sources are from the US, Mexico, Brazil, Africa and Canada.

It's colour can shift through all the tones of purple and these different hues have various names, like Pink Amethyst, Vera Cruz to name a few. You can even get Green Amethyst. Ametrine, which is Amethyst and Citrine combined, originates from Bolivia.

Amethyst offers great protection to our energy field from any negative environmental influences.

It is good for relieving mental stress and is therefore great for the nervous system, promoting inner peace and helping to calm anxiety.

Place a small stone under the pillow of those that suffer nightmares or insomnia. Ask them to imagine the soothing rays of purple gently wrapping around their body protectively.

This is also why it is great for meditation as it allows the flow of that calmed and healed energy to facilitate the focus of your sole purpose.

To get the most of your Amethyst during meditation keep it in your field of vision, if it is a large cluster or geode, or you can hold it. If it is small enough you can place it at the top of your head at the Crown Chakra to promote love of the divine or on your forehead between your eyes at the Third Eye Chakra, this will help open your innate intuition. I have combined the mantras for each of these chakras to allow you to get the best from the stone, 'I think clearly and am now enlightened'.

Below is my mandala video so I hope you feel a sense of calm after watching it. Let me know your thoughts and please feel free to share my blog, video and infographic with my love.

Have a good weekend, Lydia xxx

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