• Lydia Charlotte Wolsey

Black Lives Matter Gemstone Mandala

I created this mandala in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, to proudly share that this business is #antiracist and will ensure that it doesn't stay silent, I won't be silent.

I am not good at sharing on my social media accounts, I don't enjoy it and I feel uneasy doing it. I keep my account predominantly about creating and I share some of my other passions, like being out walking in nature and the inspiration I feel from the photos I take. It is simple for me and I have had a privileged existence. My skin colour, economic situation, schooling and environment have all been nothing but a positive opportunity towards this race of life.

I haven't posted since #blackouttuesday, I have silently scrolled, watched and read as a lot of us have proclaimed here in our spaces. I wondered at my own past experiences and whether I could have handled situations differently or felt differently. It has been something my family and I have talked about a lot.

Watching Leona Lewis explain a situation she was subjected to with her Father really made me feel ashamed. Where was the support from others? It seems obvious to ask but if I was honest would I have confidently spoken out and helped stand up for her? I am not sure I would have, I think I would have just left, feeling awkward and bad about it but not wanting to get into a confrontation.

Image Source : Artist Unknown (please let me know if you know the illustrator behind this image)

This is where I feel differently now. We know it is wrong and it should be spoken about openly. It is a moral obligation we have as human beings, if you aren't racist then make it known. I feel more confident that I could do this and I am sorry I did not before.

Speak Up, Speak Out, Speak Against all racism and prejudice. Whether that is in the comfort of your home with your family, out for dinner with friends or in public around those you don't know. Feel confident that you should support those that need it and make yourself an example for Anti-Racism.

Thank you for reading and if you fancy watching the creation of the BLM mandala you can below. I made it with black tourmaline, obsidian, black onyx and tiny black spinel beads. All of these stones have strong protective and grounding energies, perfect for the Root Chakra and fortifying our foundations.

Watch the creation of this using the mantra, 'I am strong enough, I am of the Earth, I am connected to all'.

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