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Citrine Gemstone Mandala

Hello Friends,

I have my next Gemstone Mandala video for you today and this one is with the warming shades of golds and yellows from Citrine and added sparkle from Herkimer Diamonds.

I have also included my infographic for you to save, download or pin with some interesting information on the uplifting gemstone that is Citrine.


Citrine - The Prosperity Stone

Natural Citrine is quite rare as Amethyst is regularly heat treated to change colour and sold as Citrine. Sourced from mainly Brazil it also can be found in the USA, Russia, Madagascar, France and even Britain. Quality is key for this stone and a good rule of thumb is the orange and white colour. If the yellow is more dark orange with a white base then it is likely that it was Amethyst beforehand. I have shown an example of this in my mandala (the raw crystal points with an orange and white layer). This is something I have learnt in the last year after doing more research into the source of gemstones and it is amazing how easy it is to be mislead in the purchasing of these stones at shows and especially online.

What is the colour then? Natural Citrine can be a pale almost champagne yellow or it can move through the shades to a darker smokier yellow.

It is a powerful cleansing and regenerating stone. It is one of the few stones that does not require cleansing as it can absorb and dissipate negative energy making it perfect for protecting your environment.

A stone of abundance and prosperity it can help you to manifest and attract wealth. As it is a happy and generous jewel it also encourages the sharing of what you manifest whilst still staying prosperous yourself.

Place a stone in the North West (back left) corner of your home to promote prosperity or pop it a money box.

Place a larger piece in the main gathering place of you and your family, this should help promote good relations and reduce discord. It helps to develop a positive attitude and can enhance the ability to take constructive criticism to enable progress in your endeavours.

This is why it connects well to both the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra, creating happiness, abundance and confidence in the direction of your life's purpose. For this I combined the mantras associated with these Chakras to best support this, 'I can manifest my desires & experience joy in my life.'


I have also completed my hand carved gemstone leaf necklaces, all based around the Chakras and their corresponding colours and stone.

This one below is a Citrine gemstone leaf with Sunstone, Hessonite Garnet, Brown Tourmaline, more Citrine, Amber and Smokey Quartz. A beautiful necklace to support your Sacral Chakra. Finished with rose gold delica beads and a sterling silver hand made clasp. Click on the image for more information.

Below is my mandala video so I hope you feel a sense of joy after watching it. Let me know your thoughts and please feel free to share my blog, video and infographic with my love.

Have a wonderful sunny Sunday, Lydia xxx

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