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Empower Your Crystal Ritual

Hello Friends!

I wanted to write a short blog on my new ritual pack. This is an easy to perform ritual for those that want to empower their crystals and get the most out of them. Creating intentions to help you focus on a goal or a way of thinking is powerful for the mind and will help keep you positive. The intention you set is personal to you.

When you purchase the pack I offer a variety of options. You can add on the ritual to a piece of jewellery you purchase from me so it comes with the instructions, candle and incense. You can also buy a ritual pack that has a specific piece of jewellery with it. I am currently making them with a raw aura quartz necklace or a quartz bracelet. This will change over time depending on what crystals are available.

This is a gorgeous set for those interested in crystals and how to set meaningful intentions within them.

How do I use it?

The instructions are really clear on the re-usable post card.

I have laid it out in 3 stages:

1 - A smoke cleanse using the incense

2 - Considering the moon phase to set the best intention.

3 - Setting the intention using the candle.

Specifics are given at each of these stages on my card.

You can use this for any crystal as the main aim is to create a grounding of your mindset to help you focus on a specific positive intention. It can be used repetitively to change and evolve with you.

What incense & candle scent should I choose?

I use rose or lavender incense with a corresponding scented candle. The tealight candles are rose & geranium or lavender & bluebell.

These scents help me get the most out of my frame of mind when needing that focus to perform the ritual.

Choose the lavender candle & incense to aid with calming and clearing of your mind.

Choose the rose candle & incense to encourage loving and positive thoughts.

The incense is hand made and the candles hand poured with essential oils and dried flowers. Little crystal chips sit in their too.

When should I perform this ritual?

I have recommended using the corresponding moon phases for the setting of your intentions as this can help you to work more closely with nature and the ever changing path of the moon.

You don't have to do this but if you take the time to look at the moon phase (I give you the information on how to do this in my ritual) then think on the intention you want to set, you can refine it to have the most potency for you.

Overall make this ritual accessible for you.

Where should I perform this ritual?

This ritual can be performed anywhere as it does not require loads of things and takes up very little space. It is a personal act and I would go with a place you feel safe, calm and happy. That will be where you will get the most out of it.

Another point would be to have an area you can safely burn your candle & incense. Both of these things get hot on the bottom as well as the top. Ensure they are put in a fire proof bowl as well as a fire proof surface to stop burning.

I put my incense and tea lights in a terracotta bowl or brass one, this is then rested on a small cork mat as the bowl is fireproof but still gets hot and this could scorch the surface of the table or the grass when I do it outside.

Can you show me how to do it?

There is no right or wrong way to perform this ritual as the steps given are simple but easy to adapt and change to what you feel you need at that moment.

I have created this to give a you a fuss free way of cleansing a crystal of it's stagnant energies through the use of the smoke and the setting of the intentions through the use of the flame.

Giving yourself a small moment of time to perform this will help you to feel re-focused, present and positive.

My beautiful soul sister Sha Sha has filmed herself performing the ritual her way so if you would like to see how she did it then CLICK HERE for inspiration and good vibes.

I hope that has answered some questions for you? If you have any others then please comment on this blog post below.

For the rest of August 2020 I am offering a free ritual pack with any jewellery purchase you make in my store. Just pop in the comments at check out if you want lavender or rose. You will get the ritual card, incense & tealight with your purchased piece of jewellery.

Have a beautiful rest of the week,

Lydia xxx

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