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Folk by the Oak Gemstone Mandala

Hello Friends,

I hope you are enjoying or have enjoyed Folk by the Oak's Family Nest Fest. It has been wonderful to be a part of the festival in some way this year and I really enjoyed creating this special gemstone and nature mandala for you.

This mandala has been made in mind that we are one, united through it all and the symbolism surrounding it is my offering to you.

The central part to the mandala has one of my handmade wooden discs that you usually find on a hemp bracelet (some of you may even be wearing yours from the previous festivals today). Surrounding it is a rainbow ordered selection of faceted gemstones. The following listed properties are there for you to focus and set your intentions upon;

Garnet - Opens the heart

Citrine - Promotes Abundance

Lemon Quartz - Brings Happiness

Green Amethyst - Encourages Success

Sky Blue Topaz - Speak Your Truth

Iolite - Calms the Mind

Purple Amethyst - Creates Peace

The rainbow also signifies my open support of the LGBTQ community. As a group of people that can and have struggled to find acceptance, I stand with you in love and strength.

The Rainbow Obsidian positioned at the 4 points of the second row in the mandala is there in support of #antiracism and #blacklivesmatter. Rainbow Obisidian looks black at the first glance but when polished up and exposed to a bright light it can reveal layers of colour from the inclusions within. One of it's main properties is helping you to remove negative thoughts and replace them with empowering and positive ones through opening the window of your soul. The energies from this stone help to inspire you to be a good example for others and so with this in mind I hope you stand with me against racism and will always speak up for those that need it.

The Willow leaf was foraged by me when walking along the River Severn in Bewdley. There are many river bank dwelling willow trees along this part and they gracefully tip there leaves towards the water. The Willow has a magical connection to the Universe and creation and one of it's abilities is to thrive under challenging conditions. A powerful metaphor, especially for it's namesake, the Willow Foundation Charity that FbtO support yearly. I hope that today's Family Nest Fest helps to raise more life changing donations for this year.

Large pieces of Amethyst and double terminated Crystal Quartz points alternate within the leaves. These are there to connect the elements of the mandala together. Both highly spiritual stones, Amethyst can help transmute negative energy into love. Crystal Quartz helps amplify the energies of other stones creating an aura of positive intentions within this mandala.

I included the Oak leaf for the festival goers of Folk by the Oak. This was picked along one of my local walks in Worcestershire. I pressed my leaves for this mandala video and I will be adding them to my gift boxes with my jewellery. It's symbolism is one of strength, stability and wisdom. All things we need in such turbulent times. Let the Oak leaf help anchor your intentions through all of the elements you have read here today.

I hope you have enjoyed today's mandala video and that the blog helped bring a little more calm and happiness to your day.

Have a wonderful week and see you at the 2021 festival!

Much love, Lydia xxx

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