Carnelian Love Necklace
  • Carnelian Love Necklace


    A plump carnelian heart represents the creativity, joy & pleasure centres.


    Either side of this sacral chakra stone is the root chakra in the form of garnets to enhance confidence, stability and earth's healing vibrations.


    The solar plexus chakra is awakened in the citrine & sunstone. Carrying the

    power of the sun, it helps to raise your self worth as well as provide deep emotional healing.


    This necklace holds happiness & abundance, the optimism of growth & learning and the confidence to feel & accept your emotions.


    Your necklace also includes;


    • Amber - Creative Self-Expression & Develops Trust.
    • Hessonite Garnet - Self- Respect, Seeks out new Challenges.
    • Rainbow Moonstone - Divine Feminine, Positive Energy & Self Confidence.
    • Golden Rutile Quartz - Cleanses & Energises the Aura.
    • Sunstone - Bringer of Light & Energy, Allow your True Self to Shine Through Happily.
    • Crystal Quartz - Amplifies the Energies of the Stones Nearby.
    • Pakimer Diamond - Clears the Chakras Opening Channels for Spiritual Energy to Flow.


    Hanging at 20" in length. With matching 14k gold fill handmade clasp. Metallic gold seed beads are the base colour to this necklace.


    To see these on please head on over to my Instagram page for a video of the collection being talked about and worn.


    This month's collection has been heavily inspired by the coming Spring and the Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras.  The transformation of the seasons and the incredible power in these energy shifts have brought about creations embodying the power of the sun and the return of warmth to our shores.


    Packaged in my signature gift box, with a gemstone properties card.