Chrysoprase Necklace
  • Chrysoprase Necklace


    Like a slice of the Earth itself, in raw form chrysoprase has a bark like edge that contrasts against the vibrant green.


    This stone promotes calm behaviour and being

    open to new situations.


    Said to promote love of truth, it encourages commitment within personal and business relationships.


    It enhances the ability to accept yourself and others.


    Opening your heart chakra to being more able to forgive and feel compassion.


    Chakra Affirmation


    'I love myself & others with kindness and compassion'


    I have partnered these stones with different crystals and dark black/bronze lustre seed beads. Each necklace also has Pyrite, Green Tourmaline and Chrysoberyl.


    Hanging at 18" in length. With matching sterling silver handmade clasps and bail.


    To see these on please head on over to my Instagram Page for a video of the collection being talked about and worn.


    This month's collection has been heavily inspired by the Heart Chakra.  The green hues of life and growth at this time of year inspires love in all forms and connects us to Gaia and her energy.


    Packaged in my signature gift box, with a gemstone properties card and this month's seasonal surprise gifts.