Rose Quartz Necklace
  • Rose Quartz Necklace


    Rose Quartz necklace


    Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love.


    It teaches the true essence of love.


    Promoting inner healing and self-love, it is calming and reassuring.


    It will draw off negative energy to replace with loving and comforting vibes.


    Peridot helps to open, cleanse & activate the heart chakra.


    It will reduce stress and feelings of over-whelm allowing you to feel more confident and open minded.


    Chakra Affirmation


    'I love myself & others unconditionnally'


    Your necklace also includes;


    Rainbow Moonstone - Goddess Energies & the Divine Feminine

    Crystal Quartz - Amplification of Energy.


    Hanging at 18" in length. With matching sterling silver handmade clasps and bail.


    To see these on please head on over to my Instagram Page for a video of the collection being talked about and worn.


    This month's collection has been heavily inspired by the Heart Chakra.  The green hues of life and growth at this time of year inspires love in all forms and connects us to Gaia and her energy.


    Packaged in my signature gift box, with a gemstone properties card and this month's seasonal suprise gifts.