Tigers Eye Necklace
  • Tigers Eye Necklace


    Earth Energy and Sun Energy are combined in this stone. A powerful meeting of grounding and spiritual energies connected together.


    This stone can help you to achieve your goals. It helps to ground those that may find it hard to focus on or finish a project.


    Allow this stone to heal any self doubt and limiting beliefs about yourself. Tigers eye helps you to recognise your skills and use them to enhance your life in a positive way.


    Chakra Affirmation


    'I do have the power to manifest and feel joy in my life'


    I have partnered these stones with different crystals and silver or gold seed beads, see the number reference below to see what is included in each necklace.


    Hanging at 18" in length, the seed beads are metallic gold or silver. With matching sterling silver or 14k gold fill handmade clasps and bail.


    Stone 1 - Tigers Eye with bright metallic silver seed beads & mixed agate.


    Stone 2 - Tigers Eye with bright metallic gold seed beads & mixed agate.


    Stone 3 - Tigers Eye with bright metallic gold seed beads & mixed agate.


    To see these on please head on over to my Instagram page for a video of the collection being talked about and worn.


    This month's collection has been heavily inspired by the coming Spring and the Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras.  The transformation of the seasons and the incredible power in these energy shifts have brought about creations embodying the power of the sun and the return of warmth to our shores.


    Packaged in my signature gift box, with a gemstone properties card.