Triple Black Quartz Necklace
  • Triple Black Quartz Necklace


    This month's collection has been heavily inspired by the Root Chakra and the Vesical Pisces in Sacred Geometry. Using crystals that help to support, ground and strengthen.


    No.3 - This number is the symbol of strength and good fortune in sacred geometry. The Pythagoreans taught that this was the first true number. It is the first number that creates a geometrical figure - the TRIANGLE.


    Black Quartz has all the properties of clear Quartz - the master healer, good at harmonising all of the chakras. It is a powerful energy amplifier and will enhance the vibrations of any stones close to it. Unblock energy and get your manifestations clear and aligned. The black colour adds in the element of protection from external forces like negative energies, psychic attack and feelings of unworthiness. The black colour absorbs these energies, clearing blockages and allowing the Root chakra to flow cleanly.


    Black Spinel offers insight into material problems and the ability to find solutions with a stamina to continue on. The black colour is highly protective and helps earth energy to balance the rise of kundalini energy from root to crown.


    Pyrite has the ability to deflect any kind of negative thoughts and energies. A protective stone for travel and journey bringing strength and luck. Pyrite encourages self confidence and the ability to own your power. Bringing an abundance of positive energy into your life so that your thoughts and mind are cleared from all negativity. Creating a positive outlook in your life, so that you can embrace every new opportunity that presents itself with open arms.


    The raw Black Quartz points are between 18 - 20mm in length. Bronze lustre seed beads with smaller, Black Spinel and Pyrite beads run the length of this necklace. Finished with my signature hand made wire wrapped clasp in sterling silver wire, hanging at 18". There are 2 available and both have been strung in the same way, so I will choose one for you when packing them up :).


    To see this on please head on over to my Instagram page for a video of the collection being talked about and worn.


    Packaged in my signature gift box, with a gemstone properties card.




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