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Custom Signage

Lydia Lotus Designs offers a bespoke service for bringing your logo to life.

Perfect for displaying on your stall at markets and fairs.

Light enough to be transported, the signs can be designed to sit or hang depending on your requirements.

When not in use on your stall they can be easily blu-tacked to a wall and used in your creative space.
Maker Logo JPEG example - perfect for turning into the correct file for laser cutting into a sign.



The most important thing you will need is a black and white image in either PDF or JPEG format



The signs come in two size choices, with either a circle or square shaped background for it to sit on.

Large Sign - BACK (5mm thick ply) = 290mm square or diameter.

LOGO (3mm thick ply) = 250mm square or diameter.

Small Sign - BACK (5mm thick ply) = 250mm square or diameter.

LOGO (3mm thick ply) = 210mm square or diameter.

Stall Sign example - laser cutting picks up on all details of your logo to create a stand out stall sign for markets.


All stall signs are made using FSC standard plywood and then stained or painted to your colour requirements.


All of the signs are made from FSC standard Ply wood. Once the image has been cut I sand and then stain/paint to the required colours chosen and finish them with a hard wearing varnish.

I can colour your logo in any colour you would like, I often work with natural wood stains and colours which are included in the price, for colours outside of these options there will be a small additional charge.



Prices start from £60.

This includes a re-draw of your logo to ensure it works with the software, holes & twine if required for hanging, 2 stain/paint choices, clear varnish to seal & finish.

Please contact me to discuss your sign here.

Katie's sign being used on one of her market stalls.
Katie proudly showing off her beautiful ceramic stall and logo sign.

"The sign looks amazing! You have done a fantastic job.

The lettering almost looks like bronze! I absolutely love it!!!

You were so thorough! And patient! Thankyou!" Xxx


Kate @ceramicmagpie

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