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RUNE - The ancient mysticism of Runes is a profound testament to the power of symbols in imparting messages and insights from the realms beyond. Crafted with intricate care and imbued with sacred significance, my handmade Runes hold a unique allure, blending the artisanal touch with timeless wisdom. Through the ancient art of imprinting these symbols into molten silver and infusing them with the transformative element of fire and stone, the creator becomes a conduit for channeling the cosmic energies.

These handmade Runes, forged through the fusion of craftsmanship and spirituality, serve as potent tools for seeking guidance, unlocking secrets, and navigating the labyrinth of existence.


In this rune, the sun stands as a beacon of power and life force, radiating its energy to illuminate our path forward. The lines signify the journey we undertake, guided by the warmth and vitality of the sun, propelling us towards our goals. Along the way, the dots symbolize new beginnings, reminding us that with each sunrise comes the opportunity to embrace fresh starts and unleash our full potential. Let this rune serve as a reminder of the strength within you, fueled by the boundless energy of the sun, as you embark on your journey towards greatness.


Rainbow Moonstone, with its enchanting play of colors reminiscent of the ethereal hues of the sky, carries profound metaphysical properties that harmonize with the overarching symbolism of light blue. This mesmerizing gemstone is revered as a talisman of new beginnings, inner growth, and spiritual expansion. Associated with the divine feminine and the cycles of the moon, Rainbow Moonstone is believed to enhance intuition, emotional healing, and receptivity to divine guidance. When intertwined with the soothing tones of light blue, the properties of Rainbow Moonstone take on a deeper resonance. Light blue, the color of tranquility, clarity, and open communication, imbues Rainbow Moonstone with a sense of serenity and heightened awareness. It aligns with the throat chakra, facilitating honest expression and harmonious interaction with others.


Together, the metaphysical properties of Rainbow Moonstone and the calming energy of light blue create a sacred synergy, inviting individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening, guided by the gentle whispers of intuition and the boundless expanse of the sky.


Hand knotted with a light blue thread and an adjustable 18k yellow gold plated chain between 16" - 18" chain and 18k yellow gold vermeil clasp.


Each Rune is unique and will never be re-made the same. The geometrical and irregular shape of the Rainbow Moonstone really lights the different faces with it's signature blue flash.


Packaged in a navy blue re-ussable cotton bag and placed in a signature gift box, perfect for giving and keeping your jewels in beautiful condition. This necklace will come with a detailed properties card outlining all of the magical properties from above - a truly one of a kind piece.


The material of the Rune is 18ct yellow gold plated over the sterling silver. This is done in house at Lydia Lotus Designs and I offer a free future re-plating option (see my FAQ's for more details).


All my pieces are now being treated with an anti tarnish solution to prolong the life of your jewellery, for more on this and general care please see the Jewellery Care section of my FAQ's for more...........FAQ - CLICK HERE

Self Discovery Rune - Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

  • -Made to Order pieces are taking 10-14 days excluding delivery.

    -Next Day Delivery is free for orders of £60 and over.

    -If your order is under this amount you can choose to have it sent 1st Class Signed For (which is not insured by Royal Mail as it is jewellery) or by Next Day Delivery (Insured).

    -If you choose to go for 1st class signed for please be aware that it is up to you as the customer to follow through with any complaints or claims should there be an issue with delivery.

    -If you need anymore information please read my FAQ's and Shipping & Returns Policy.

    Thank you so much for your understanding, Lydia xxx

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